a change will do you good

We took progress photos the other day.  I seriously thought I was going to be ill.  There was no progress.  There was anti-progress.  I look like a beached whale.  I kid you not.  No one should ever have to see such a picture.  So……

So I decided to make a change.  I decided I would try Weight Watchers again now that I am settled here.   I have tried it in the past, but I didn’t have success- partially b/c I was having an allergic reaction and found I couldn’t seem to lose weight at that time.

I find that the new points system is ok.  It is different, and things I took for granted for being healthy seem to be higher in points than I remember.  For example, a piece of salmon is 8 points and a 6 inch Subway sandwich is 7.

I like that they now take protein into consideration, but it makes some things higher in points, and I find that protein helps me lose weight and is more filling.  I hope that as I go on this week I will find it easier as I learn what is what and how the plan works.

I also ate WAY over points the first 2 days and it looks like I will eat over points today too.  Of course eating over would mean eating exercise points as well.

I started working out again as well.  A 4+ mile walk yesterday and a trip to the gym today.  (walk, elliptical, bike)  I am hoping that I can keep it up.

Here I am, on the way to the gym.

I also had another massage today- trying to get my shoulder issues addressed and worked out.  I also started chiropractic care again as well.

So that is where I stand at the moment.  Let’s  hope this works.



  1. Amy
    16/02/2011 / 20:21

    Things are more points but they have increased the amount of points you get per day to make up the difference. (I signed up the other day. Before I got 27 points where now I get 35) Plus fruits and veggies are 0 for the most part, even bananas, so gorge on that stuff to fill up. Grapefruit has been my go to food, all the water in it fills me up. 🙂

  2. toocurvyagain
    16/02/2011 / 23:37

    Yes, there is that. I just need to get used to the change.

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