Weigh in #2

Starting weight: 15 stone 4

Last week: 15 stone 3

This week: 15 stone

Horray me! Even with all this stress and whatnot, and my eating not being perfect and having not made it to the gym (0r even out of bed one day) I did lose weight.  I know I didn’t eat all of my 49’ers this week but came close.  There were some things I had no idea now many points were in, and just made sure I mentally deducted like 15 points to give myself room, etc….

I also started several new meds and stopped some other ones for my headaches (now chronic migraines, or chronic daily headache with migranious tendencies).  No idea how these will affect weight loss as I only started them mid week.

That being said I am worried about being home and still being able to be on track with the crap that is always there.  Granted I am sure I will be stressed and when I get THAT stressed I feel to sick to eat.

I’m leaving Glasgow to head back to Boston tomorrow morning.  I am scared and stressed out of my mind.  I am not ready for this.  I am not ready to lose my mum.  🙁


(So if there are no updates, that is why. )



  1. Amy
    27/02/2011 / 15:05

    Thinking of you, Cindy.

    Just do the best you can. Be there for your Mom. And take care of yourself.

    That's what's important right now. <3

  2. thebettylife
    05/03/2011 / 11:56

    Well done on your weight loss! That's great progress. 🙂

    Thinking of you at this difficult time, best wishes to your mom.

    Betty xxx

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