Yesterday, despite a late start, [info]kyrina and I went to Edinburgh.  Considering what has gone on lately and my professors told me to relax this week and I have wanted to see more of Scotland, we decided that we’d start off in Edinburgh.  (in a week or 2 we are going to St. Andrews)

We took the train in and I wanted to take a bus tour of the city.  I like the views and it was a nice day.  We decided to get off at the first stop for tea and to go to the weaving museum (where we got to see a LOT of tartans including MacDonald (and Fraser) LOL) and kilts and all things Scottish.

When we went back to get the bus we found that we were too late for the last bus 🙁  (maybe next time, even though Steph doesn’t like bus tours – I think they are fun and are a nice way to see the city and then decide where to go.)

We walked around, popped in lots of little shops and then went to the World’s End.  I was excited b/c I had read about this pub in the Outlander series, and I tried to imagine Jamie, Claire, Ian, and Rollo sitting by the fire, enjoying a drink.

We walked around some more and took a haunted tour given by Burke of Burke and Hare.  It was fascinating, if a bit cheesy, but delightful all the same.  I was exhausted after that so we headed back home.  (I couldn’t believe it cost 30p to have a pee at the train station!)  LMAO!

Pictures are here!  🙂

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