I’ve been back in Glasgow a week, but I really haven’t had much to say.  I left last Saturday afternoon, and my mum passed away a few hours after.  🙁  I haven’t really been in a “healthy” mindframe, nor have I been extremely off track.  I’ve been on several walks since I got back, but I haven’t made the best choices in snacks either.  I’ve just been too distracted mentally not to mention jet lagged earlier in the week.

I am hoping this week is better for working out and eating.  Of course I have some sort of cold thing that is making me run down as anything and I feel like crap, so the exercising might have to wait- again.  Unless I wake up tomorrow and feel 100% better of course.

I have yet to weigh myself this week b/c I totally forgot today, but I did weigh last week and was up 2 lbs but considering the lack of healthy food and no $ at home and travel and the stress, that wasn’t bad at all.


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