I’ve merged my 2 blogs here to this location. It was getting silly trying to have 2 blogs and keep them separate, when it is my life and my life isn’t divided into 2 pages.

Yesterday we walked a lot and picked up a few things and saw a rainbow.

I also got a paper back with a VERY bad grade. Very bad to the point it could put my graduating in jeopardy. I am not sure what the passing grade level is for the overall class and I can’t seem to find that information on line. I may have to resubmit it, but even then, even if I got bumped up a letter I am not sure that would change the over all grade enough. I know it is my own fault. I totally blew through that paper and I was upset and worried about my mum. I also found that class a complete waste of time and that didn’t really help my attitude toward the paper. I need to contact the professor and ask what the next step should be. (it also doesn’t help that there isn’t exactly a shit ton of research on what I wrote on either) I also gave my very frank opinion on the class and how I found it kind of a waste of time. I am not going to be all nice, if I feel that it doesn’t serve its purpose.

Today I have my massage w/ R, and then I need to get a fair amount done on my Columbine paper. That is due in less than a week and I am about half way done.

Also Dice-K? WTF. 🙁



  1. amy
    12/04/2011 / 11:33

    Hey- a paper about Columbine.If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would love to read it 🙂 Good luck with it. If you say no, I understand. I hope you are doing well.

  2. abostongirlinglasgow
    14/04/2011 / 21:29

    I will definitely share once I'm done.

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