Physio update

So today was my physio appointment. It only took four months from the time of the intake to the actual appointment. Go NHS! (not that it would have been any different back home; I am sure the wait would have been just as long.)

She did an evaluation and asked me all sorts of questions. I was expecting more manipulation and hands on, but what do I know. I *may* have had a frozen shoulder, but if I did I would not have the range of motion she tested me through, despite the pain. In fact, I am hyper-mobile and very flexible, meaning my joints don’t get when to stop and I can bend my arms and legs and whatnot further than I should be able to. Which is cool, I guess.

Basically, my posture sucks. Try having a large chest all your life, and you will have sucky posture too. Add years of retail work and teaching- standing poorly, sitting poorly and there you go. The breast reduction helped, and now my body is trying to compensate and wants to stand correctly, it just needs to be reminded and shown how.

So I need to spend a lot of time sucking my tummy in and keeping my shoulders back, and less computer work, unless it is ergonomic (ummmm yeah I am a grad student LOL so maybe not!)
More exercise, less computers, more straight posture. It is doable. I wish there was something they could do for the pain, like a cortisone shot, even though those hurt like a bitch. Anything to just make it tolerable while I finish up this paper.

In the meantime I need to head to the closest jacuzzi and sit there for about an hour!


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  1. hayes
    17/04/2011 / 16:54

    This is great news – free and doable. Working on list of meditation sites I cruise; seriously, it's saved me this past year.

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