London trip

London Day 1
We got up very early to leave for the airport (train to the bus to the airport) and finally landed in London. We had a long bus ride to Baker St, where we arrived right outside 221B Baker St! From there we took a London black cab to our B&B and checked in.

The place was VERY small, especially the room (which was ok, but the next trip I would rather have a traditional hotel room). We had purchased Oyster cards on the plane, so after we chilled for a few we headed to the south bank and I took many, many pictures of the London Eye, Big Ben, etc. We got as far as Westminster Abbey and after all of the walking I was done in.

London Day 2
Sunday we went to Regent’s park, Picadilly square, Leicester square, Forbidden planet, and copious amounts of shops. There was LOTS of walking. And there was also gelato.

London Day 3

We headed out on a double decker bus through the city to the Doctor Who experience, which was fun. The best part was getting pics with and of the 9/10 TARDIS. The worst part? THE REGENERATION SCENE BEING PLAYED OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Seriously? Did they want me to cry and have a nervous breakdown? They had costumes on display and that was very cool.

We went to Leicester square after and had dinner with a friend of Steph’s and walked around and I wanted to cry as my feet were KILLING.

Day 4
We did a lot more walking today. We went to Harrods, Hyde Park, where we biked around, and then went to the Princess Diana memorial. From there we went to Wellington arch, Buckminster Palace, past Downing Street and then down to the South Bank again. We had Mexican and gelato and headed back.

Day 5

We went to Regent Park to bike, walked about, and then headed back to the hotel to get ready to see Hugh Laurie at Union Chapel.
He stood next to me and I nearly had heart failure. He was brilliant and funny and OMG so hot.

He was charming and funny, and you can see when he performs he is 110% into it. When he listens to music as House- he isn’t acting. He had the same look to him tonight; you can truly tell it is his passion. He didn’t seem anxious or worried. He just seemed happy. 🙂

My pics are awful, but I will link to them, and I am happy if anyone wants to repost/share.

His wife was there and she was so overjoyed for him- she smiled and danced the entire time.

Also, apparently Amber Tamblyn was there and Rowan Atkinson. I saw AT but not RA.

Day 6
Time to go home. We went for coffee, and took the tube to the bus to get to the airport. I was sad to go.

All my pics are on Facebook and photobucket.



  1. hayes
    13/05/2011 / 20:52

    I can't get the photobucket link to work – halp?

  2. Cindy
    13/05/2011 / 21:06

    Weird. They are all the same pics as Facebook, so if you saw those there is nothing new on photobucket.

    PS. thanks for the donation! 🙂

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