a boring, yet not so boring day

Today I was woken up repeatedly by Steph’s alarm which probably contributed to my odd dreams about DT appearing in MAAN. (note to self read MAAN.) (note to self 2- lose 100 lbs before end of June) But I digress. Steph had to get up early for her presentations and I was going to get up early too to get coffee and go drop off my books.

I managed to handle the coffee part, but forgot the books, so after getting damp in the random showers, I headed home to wait for the gas man to fix our boiler. We haven’t had any hot water in a month. We’ve been boiling water in the kettle to do the dishes, making me feel a bit Claire Fraser-esque (with the addition of electricity of course).

He came early in the time alloted and had it fixed, and unscrewed the bottom of our blender to boot in 10 minutes. Hot water now abounds!

I did 2 loads of laundry and then discovered Steph left her phone here. I also found that MY LOAN MONEY CAME IN. Thank God b/c I had 12 pence left to my name (like not even 50 cents US) and was very relieved. Of course yesterday when I cleared my cookies I managed to lose all my user id’s and that included my bank login. But luckily I was able to transfer money at the cashpoint between my accounts.

Then I headed back out (OMG I left the house twice today) to give Steph her phone and her post and money for when she went out in case her loans hadn’t come in. I also needed to return the library books that were a week overdue and pick up some others, one which is only a 24 hour book- which I should be reading instead of being on the internets.)

I met with her and then headed to pick up a prescription and pick up a few random things at Boots. I also stopped at a charity shop and got these cute sandals for 3 quid! (Don’t mind my chipped pedi!)

I then had a quick dinner and headed back here. I have reading and catching up on yesterday’s tv shows to do as well.

Also, for the Whovians in my life, and fans of Elisabeth Sladen, a fundraiser has been set up for the charity her family designated.


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