How Cindy got her gym groove back (or at least attempted to)

I will be honest.  The uni gym is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  Which is why it’s 40 pounds a year.  Granted, I can’t complain about spending that money for pretty much 3 workouts.  Whatever.  No worries.  And I haven’t gone regularly because 1.  I’m lazy and 2.  it sucks.  It has none of the classes I like and it has like 7 treadmills.  So…….

After walking around London I found I had more energy and felt better and actually lost like 6 pounds on vacation (eating mostly 99’s and random food).  So I decided to give Glasgow Club a try.  They have locations all over the city, and some have hot tubs.  (Thank God.)

I headed to the Scotstoun location (a 2 mile walk from home, or a short bus ride).  I signed up and had my induction so I can use the equipment right away.  They have pilates and spinning and I am SO excited.  What was even cooler, is they have an eSpinner.  An eSpinner is a spin bike that you can plug your iPod into and use your own spin workouts/podcasts/or just your own music.  Or you can use a pre-embedded video workout.  I did a bit of both kinds to see what it was like.  I wish Bob Harper did the videos.  The guy doing it is kind of douchey.  But YMMV.

After I walked on the treadmill for a bit to calibrate my Nike+.  (It was already calibrated right!)

And then I soaked in the hot tub.  This is where I miss my old gym, Healthworks and their plushy, clean, plushy, high end, all women, beautiful, perfect club.  (If you live in the Boston area, check them out!!!)  With the giant jacuzzi and shower gel and shampoo in clean showers and the large vanities…. oh I could go ON!  No gym will ever compare to Healthworks, and that is ok.  Beacuse I found a place for a reasonable price for the time being where I can get my spinning and hot tub fix, and hopefully be skinnier in the process.


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