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Apparently my last post has vanished.  I hope it comes back soon.

I went shopping this morning and spent WAY too much money!  Oops.  I got things that I needed and my niece her 5th birthday present.

After coffee and getting caught in the rain, I came home so I could get work done and ended up searching for travel options for my weekend trip to London next month.

Then, I went to spinning today for the first time since my surgery, which was almost 10 months ago! (In fact this was my first real HARD workout since then.  I have been walking and things, but nothing overly exerting, hence the weight gain.)  I wish I hadn’t waited so long because it was wonderful.  It was easier without the extra sports bra, and liberating as well!  I am sure I will be sore tomorrow!  I hope I can walk as it is Farmer’s Market day!

So for an hour and nine minutes….
I thought it might be more, and it may be.  I think my HRM needs a new battery.

I’m tired but energetic, and part of me wants to go out to the store, but the other part of me has no desire to put on not my jim jams and go out.  It can wait until tomorrow.  No one needs yogurt that badly.

I should be working on my dissertation right now as well, but it is Friday night.  I do need to get a lot done in the next few days before my appt with my advisor.



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