In which another day passes and nothing gets accomplished

I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow regarding my dissertation.  We met when I got back from the US after my mom died.  That was about 2 months ago.  In that time, I had 2 other papers to write, and I took a holiday.  I have done some research on my dissertation.  In fact I spent 2 days at the library looking up books and journal articles.  (Not that I have actually *read* them.)

I honestly have no idea what I am doing.  I found a template online to assist me in writing, but I am not really sure what I am supposed to be writing.  I mean do I just go all in and do this- or is there some sort of formulaic way- like the way a Law and Order episode is drawn out?   I hope my advisor isn’t pissed that I have no idea what I am doing- I just felt really foolish asking at this point in the academic year.  (I’ve never had to write such a paper for my previous degrees so……)

So I am stressed and not feeling 100% and didn’t work out again today and this isn’t good since I had been doing so well.  I am going to the gym right after my meeting with my advisor in the morning to get it out of the way.

I also need to go to the public library and pick up a book.  I found a book group that meets in a coffee shop I love, and I really need to do something that isn’t my dissertation this summer.

Oh!  And the one thing I did actually get done today (besides watching Timelash) was to book my mini trip to London to see INXS in June.  I am taking the overnight bus (cheap) and staying one night in London, and then busing back the night of the show.  It sucks and I will be tired but it is the cheapest option.  (I’d rather have the money for when we go see MAAN later in June!!!!)

Sorry if this is a totally random post- I’m not focusing at the moment.

Oh, and if you are reading this, please take a moment to say “hi” in the comments.  I <3 comments.

Ok I am really going to sign off this post and get work done.  Really.



  1. Kyrina
    18/05/2011 / 19:38


  2. Anonymous
    18/05/2011 / 19:42

    :Wavy Smiley Guy:
    Write something about social media killing "blah blah, blah". Fill in the blank. They'd eat that shit up.

  3. Cyn
    18/05/2011 / 19:51

    Love reading your updates. Don't beat yourself up…asking for help is never a bad thing. Glad you're taking some time for yourself too!

    Or, what Opie said! 🙂

  4. mardyg
    18/05/2011 / 20:15

    I just ordered the book that your group is doing. I'll see how I do with it. Also ask for help. That is what they are there to do.
    Keep smiling.

  5. marykir
    18/05/2011 / 20:33

    Advisors are supposed to advise, right? So s/he should be happy to answer questions about how to go about writing your dissertation.

    My impression of grad school (I quit because I hated it…) was they try to kill you with stress & give degrees to the people who don't go mad 🙂

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