Yesterday/today catchup

1. Workout- I had no desire to do anything yesterday but I needed to pick up my prescription at uni, so I had to go out.  I walked to uni and then got the bus to the gym.

I did about 25 mins of upper body and then C25K.  I was VERY sweaty at the end.  I wanted to spin some but both bikes were being used and the class was full so I walked to the bus and then headed home.  Not bad.  πŸ™‚

I ordered a new Polar HRM that is more up to date and will help me better train.  I can’t wait to get my Polar FT7 HRM!

2. Grad school-I did meet with my professor on Thursday and he was totally fine that I hadn’t gotten very far.  We discussed some changes and I will be making for the paper and what else needs to be done.  I also ran into some of my classmates and they hadn’t done anything really either, so I don’t feel bad or behind anymore.  So I have 20,000 words to write for it.  Good times.  I have a TON of research done already.  Just need to read it all.

3. Stephanie finished a big paper yesterday so we went out for dinner.  I had grilled chicken and it came with a grilled veggie tart.  It was delish.  I also had some chips- b/c the chips at the Curler’s Rest are so delish.  And as a treat we had ice cream at the only Coldstone in Glasgow.  I had tiramisu.  Yum.   πŸ™‚

4.  Today it’s raining.  It’s miserable out and I have no desire to go out in it.  I did walk a quick 2 miles to Boots and back to get my prescription and some coffee.  My ankle is really tender today so staying off it seems like a good idea.  Tomorrow I booked into a Body Pump class and that should be a good workout.

As for the rest of today- Doctor Who at 6:45 and some reading.  A nice, quiet, lazy day.


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  1. hayes
    21/05/2011 / 15:03

    Big thumbs up on the Grad School conversation! Happy to hear it was encouraging for ya – should we be watching how you do on that? Demanding one page a day? Just give me the word and I'll nag ya! Also, stay in Glasgow; you love it and it's nice to have someone to visit there. πŸ˜‰

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