Busy, wild weather Monday

If I were in Boston I could say there is quite a Nor’easter out there.  But I am in Glasgow…..and it is WINDY.  I mean 70mph gusts windy.  The plants in the windows are waving to and fro it is that windy.

Today started off ok.  I got my new Polar FT7 in the mail!  🙂  It’s the male version so it is kind of bulky and I could have sworn I selected the F version, but whatever.  It is great and has lots of functions that my old one doesn’t.

After I watched L&O: CI I took it on a trial run at the gym.  I went at what I thought would have been a good time but I was wrong.  Even at 12:30ish it was busy and the 2 Espinners were out of service.  Combine that with the fact I was hungry and I ended up with a crappy workout.

I grabbed a sandwich at the gym cafe and then met Steph for coffee.  I nearly got blown away waiting for the bus!

We then went to St. Enoch to run some errands and to go to 3 to see if we could get her an iPhone (which we did!)  🙂  We walked around a bit and I am glad I didn’t have too much of a hard core work out since I wouldn’t have had much energy to walk around in the wind and rain!    (I have no idea why that photo won’t show up right side up!)

Anyways, I hope tomorrow will be a better workout day.


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