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I really enjoyed this week’s fitblog questions to the point I wanted to expand on them considering it is hard to detail everything you want to say in one tweet.  

Q1. When you were younger, what did “fitness” mean to you? What does it mean now?

Well, when I was a kid I liked gym enough unless it was a picking teams kind of thing b/c I was always picked last even though I was good at kickball and softball.  In fact I had the best softball throw in the 6th grade and was supposed to go to the city wide tourney, but other kids said since I had no friends and was fat, that I should let the second place winner go instead since she would have people to be with and cheer for her.  So I let her go.  

I wasn’t allowed to play sports as a kid b/c my parents were afraid I would get injured and we couldn’t afford it.  The most I ever did was a few sessions of gymnastics and swimming.  Had I participated in sports, perhaps I wouldn’t have been so overweight and had been healthier growing up.   I wasn’t even allowed a bike until I was in the 4th grade and I had to have training wheels.  It was EMBARRASSING.  Not only was I fat, but I was a freak.

Once I got to middle and high school I did everything to avoid gym class b/c it meant changing and being overweight it was uncomfortable.  I hated the sports we played since I didn’t know how to play since I didn’t play team sports.

Now…..well I still don’t like working out 100%.  I think if I were 100 lbs lighter it would be SO much easier to spin and do pilates and run and I would like it more.  I try to enjoy it as best as I can, but I feel very self conscious most of the time and try to stay out of the limelight and in the back and not stand out or talk or ask questions.

Q2. Was there anyone in the past who influenced your healthy lifestyle? Family, friends, celebrities, etc. Any influencers now?

Not as a kid considering, I hated to watch sports and I didn’t participate in it so…..

Now, I am a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan so I enjoy watching them play.  It also influenced me a few years back when I played softball as an adult for the first time which was a dream come true.

I don’t really have any celebs who influence me- I mean I would like to have a celebrity body LOL!  I get more inspiration from reading blogs by people who have lost weight and gained confidence; regular people like me who are doing it and working at it as hard as they can.

Q3. Are there any exercise trends that you wish would return? What have you secretly wanted to try?

I would like to return my Optifast experience, even though it wasn’t an exercise trend.  A few years back, I got so frustrated trying to lose weight, I went on Optifast.  Optifast is a doctor monitored low calorie liquid diet where you consume 890 calories per day.  (I was also running 3 miles 3-4 times a week at the same time as I was training for a 5k)  I had few options on it besides the shake and one kind of bar due to my food allergies, but I stuck with it for 3 months despite the fact that it was RIDIC expensive and I was getting very ill, dizzy and having heart palpitations-nearly passing out several times. (I googled about Optifast and read how people had lost family members on this diet….and freaked.)  In fact I had my b/p taken during one of these spells and it was 60/40.  That was the last day I followed the diet.  I went home from work and ate a small pizza and felt much better.    I only lost about 10 pounds in total on this diet, which sucked considering at the group meetings we would have after weighing in, people were losing that in one week, and I was hardly losing weight at all and it was frustrating and a very bad experience and I would not recommend it to anyone at all, ever.

Right now I wish I could play softball again!  As far as what is popular right now, I suppose I wish I was coordinated enough to take a Zumba class, but I am lucky I can walk without falling over in sneakers, and most of the time don’t know my left from my right so….. me in a Zumba class would be dangerous!

Q4. Fast forward 5 years into the future. What will you have accomplished fitness or blogging wise by then?

I would like to have a successful blog by then, where I actually have readers and commenter’s. Right now that is really bringing me down.

I would like to have done several more 5K’s and at least one 10K.

I hope to have written a book/journal article on bullying (this is what my second post grad degree, and my potential PhD is on).   


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