Catch up Friday

I’ve been feeling so miserable the past few days I haven’t done much of anything.  I feel a tiny bit better today and finally feel hungry, so hopefully whatever this is is finally leaving my system.  It also may explain why the practice 5K I did on Sunday was so miserable and I had no energy.  It did help me to lose 3 pounds!  

1.  I did manage to go to Pilates on Tuesday which kicked my ass.  That is the only formal workout I’ve had this week and may be the only one until Sunday.  It sucks, but when I’m sick and feeling achy and miserable the last thing I want to do is exercise.  

2.  #Fitblog chat.  Since I am in Glasgow, this means the chats are at 3am for me.  I sometimes am awake, but this week, being under the weather, I was asleep.  Here are my responses.

Q1) 75% give up on New Year’s Resolutions within weeks. Let’s discuss our goals for the second half of the year and how we plan to stick to them.

-keep going to the gym as much as I can while writing my dissertation 
-don’t give into temptation for take out b/c it is easier and means I don’t have to do the dishes
-eat more whole grains
I plan to do this, by just DOING it, and not saying I am going to do it.

Q2) What are your goals for the rest of the year?
-lose a minimum of 20 lbs
-go to the gym/workout a minimum of 3 times/ week
-finish dissertation without losing my mind

Q3) How do you set goals?
I set goals by looking at my current habits and finding ways that I can change them positively.

Q4) What resources do you use to help you stick to your goals
Other blogs, health and fitness magazines, tracking my weight and activity and looking for trends.

3.  Goals for this weekend?
-feel better, do as best as I can do on the 5K, and read for my dissertation

What are your weekend plans?


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