How do you do it?

Every day I read a lot of blogs (mostly when I should be working on my dissertation) and one thing I’ve noticed overall is how almost all the writers are up early working out or up early working (even if they aren’t working in the workplace.)

As a grad student I make my own hours, and I find it difficult to get up before noon.  Getting up today at around 10:30ish was killer and required a nap later on. Even when on vacation in London when we had to get up for free breakfast (which is a real motivator in my books) we managed it twice. And that was only making sure we were up by 9:20, a feat which should be relatively easy.

Even when I was working full time and had to get up at 6ish, it was difficult and it took a lot of coffee to get me going.  Don’t even get me started on trying to workout before.  The few times I attempted it left me red faced, sweaty and icky, and that was before dealing with the kids at school!

So, how do you do it?  Is sleeping late the cause of my weight gain and inability to lose weight?  Is it the wacky hours I keep?  Is it eating dinner at 9pm or later?  Or is it my laziness? Is it caused by being so far away from home and knowing that if I go out, when I come back I have to walk up 3 flights of stairs which makes my ankle hurt and my lungs want to collapse?  Is it a side effect of all those years of meds which never worked to try to fix my headache which still hasn’t gone away, or from wrecking my body with Optifast in 2006?

Am I just making excuses?
I think I know I am frustrated.  I expected in the 2 weeks I worked out a lot to have lost at least a pound.  Right?  I was eating better, working out, I had more energy.  So of course I gained 3 pounds.

Being sick for the past 2 weeks hasn’t really helped and I’ve managed a handful of workouts and the 5K b/c I haven’t had the energy or been able to breathe from the coughing to workout.  (I’ve been to the doctor- they said it lasts 2-3 weeks, and there is nothing they can do, I just need rest and fluids, which I’ve been doing.)

I hope after my quickie trip to London this weekend I will be feeling more myself and back to working out and whatnot.  Because I certainly do not want to feel this way anymore.

How do you overcome setbacks?  

Are you a morning person?


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