Thank you

Thank you to everyone who posted comments about my trials and tribulations and everyone who offered support over Facebook and Twitter re: our break in.

We have had the police check for fingerprints (no go) and they did take some DNA swabs from the computer cables.  So far no news.  I honestly am not expecting any.  This way I don’t get my hopes up and magically hope my computer arrives back in perfect condition.  So I am buying a new one today (despite the fact I’m low on funds) b/c I cannot live here at the library 24/7 every time I need to use a computer and using my iPhone as much as I love it, is not conducive to doing work.

I’m still sick.  πŸ™  This has been going on a month and I am going back to the GP today and I am begging for something b/c I am so tired of feeling ill.  I didn’t sleep well last night, half on the couch, half in bed, alternating from freezing and sweating and being unable to breathe through my nose.  πŸ™  My sinuses feel like they have cement inside them.  πŸ™

I also plan on asking about a dietician referral.

I really hope I feel better soon b/c I miss Pilates and spinning!


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