Still sick

I’m still sick.  🙁   This is getting really old.  I’ve been sick since the week before the 5K.  Granted gallavanting all over London town last weekend did me no favours.  However, it’s been a month.  I should be feeling better.  I’m on antibiotics.  The doctor said after 48 hours I’d be feeling better.  It’s been 4 days.  I still feel exhausted, drained, and miserable.  🙁

I did manage to make it out of the house today to try and work on my dissertation.  (As you can see I am working hard.)

I really hope I am back to myself soon.  I am tired of feeling this way and having everything be a federal project.  I put away laundry last night and it wiped me out. That, and I have booked in for Pilates on Tuesday and I want to be feeling well enough to go.

I hope you’re all having a nice weekend!


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