Today’s eats

I am not sure if I am feeling so lethargic due to still being sick or the low carb diet.  I didn’t get nearly enough done, napped, and not much else.

I wasn’t as hungry today- but right now I am SO sick of chicken.  Ugh.  I just want a huge salad.  I may not make it through the all protein phase and just go right to protein + veggies and limit carbs.  I need energy for my brain to get my dissertation done, so maybe this wasn’t the BEST time to try to cut carbs cold turkey.

Tomorrow I have a neuro appt.  With my 6th neuro. 🙁

2 scrambled eggs
oat bran pancake

can of tuna
1/2 chicken breast
cucumber stuff that Steph made and I didn’t want it to go bad

2 chicken breasts
1/2 pancake Steph didn’t eat earlier

activia yogurt + some fat free plain yogurt

And with that- bedtime!


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