The price of being female

Today I did something I never thought I would.  I got my legs waxed.

Now I’ve attempted home waxing before, and it was a pretty failed attempt.  Time has passed and while it should, I repeat should be summer here (RAIN RAIN GO AWAY) shaving my legs is something that must be kept up in the summer, at least for me.  However, my shower is wee, and trying to shave in it is like being a contortionist.  So I decided I would go and have my legs waxed.  I mean, how bad could it be.  Women have parts more delicate waxed every day.  (Which is now something I will never EVER contemplate)



If my mum were still alive she would be laughing at me so hard right now.  In fact I am sure she is.

It hurt.  My legs still sting.  Not to mention that she missed a few spots I had to clean up on my own.  Not to mention I already feel like I am stubbly.  Hrm.  Do I need to exfoliate again?

So that added to a day where I went all the way to Southern General to find that my neuro appt is tomorrow and I got rained on and I still don’t feel 100%.  F-.

Tomorrow- on the docket: The neuro appt and a hope to get a haircut as well.  My bangs are out of control!


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