Failure to communicate

I know many of you bloggers and readers out there (especially bloggers) have tied your careers in with your blog.  But what happens when something happens that makes you wonder if you are in the right field at all?

I’ve always been more book smart than social smart.  It’s a no brainer.  I did REALLY well in my first Master’s program.  I had a 3.75, and my lowest grade was a B+ and that was one class.  All my other classes were A or A-.

Now here in Glasgow, my grades are not remotely close to being where they were back home.  In fact I got a paper back today that pretty much ripped me a new one, told me I didn’t understand the author, and so on.  (Which is interesting b/c I used the same argument in my first paper and did really well.)   I also wrote the paper in 2 days, not having realized it was due.  I was not really with it at the time with having just arrived back from the states and all of the heartache that those few weeks brought.

It is making me really question whether or not I am going to do well with my dissertation, and especially if I am even going to get into the PhD program.  And if I do get in, have I set myself up to fail already?  I know I should be using this as an opportunity for growth, but right now, I need to know if this is as good as I am going to get academically, and if I should just go back to what (I think) I’m good at.

In the end I know I will be ok if I am not accepted.  I can still use my dissertation as a jumping off point to write a book or paper on bullying if I choose to.   On the other hand, I was kind of getting excited to have those extra letters after my name…..

Have any of you ever experienced work challenges like this?


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