Neuro update

So today was my actual neuro appt.  I went all the way to Southern General yesterday and found that the appt was today.  I’m SO smart.  I thought I was seeing a new neuro- but I saw the same one I saw the last time.

I gave him the rundown and he does not think that I have anything internally wrong with my head.  He does think the headaches are chronic daily treatment resistant migraines.  He gave me 2 choices.  To go back to the beginning and start over, or to go on a medication that causes severe weight gain and hair loss.  Which do you think I chose?  As if I need any more difficulties losing weight.  *eyeroll*

So I have to go to the GP tomorrow to get 2 new prescriptions.  One which is like amitriptaline that they can titrate up, and one for a triptan to help with the pain, but it can only be taken twice a week (so it’s like playing Russian roulette as to when the headache is the worst.)

This has been going on 5 years.  5 years.  *sigh*


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