Name change and an update

My blogs have had various incarnations over the years.  I started blogging at a long time ago, when I had my own domain.  This was many years ago.  I know I had a backup of it sometime ago, but I can’t find it… least at the moment.  I’ve had my LJ and now recently I had toocurvyagain at wordpress and abostongirlinglasgow which I merged into one. 

But I think it is time for a change.  I’m still a Boston girl.  I’m still in Glasgow.  But that isn’t who I am and it isn’t what defines me.  I was going to have a vote or a suggestion entry about what I should change the name of my blog to.  And then I realized, having someone else name it, won’t work.

Hence- Cindy’s struggles.  That is my name, and well my life has been a series of struggles. 

So that is that.

The London trip was fun and packed and yes, I met David Tennant and Catherine Tate.  The play was brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant- I want to go back and see it again and again (and if I can get down there to see it again, I will- after my dissertation is done, of course!)  I hope to get to write up about the play ASAP.

As far as the healthiness journey goes, I’m working on eliminating gluten to see if it helps with the headaches.  I hope to get back to the gym this week as well.  If it doesn’t happen, I am not going to stress too much over it as I believe I have about 2 weeks to finish my dissertation, and that has to come first.  I will have plenty of time afterwards.

How do you deal with stress, deadlines, and workouts?


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