I’m Not Sorry

This blog post idea, stolen blatantly from Joanna.  Check out her blog.  She is a friggin’ hoot!

I’m not sorry I changed the name of my blog.  Again.  A woman is entitled to change her mind.  🙂  It needed a change, and I am glad I did it.  All the previous posts are still there, if you care to peruse.

I’m not sorry I have not drunk the correct number of glasses of water lately.  I need the caffeine to keep me going as I finish this dissertation.

I’m not sorry for bitching incessantly about this dissertation.  I am stressed to the gills and I need to let it out somehow, or I may explode.

I’m not sorry I haven’t worked out.  Ok maybe a little bit sorry.  It would probably help with the stress.  But right now when I need to choose between writing and sleep or working out- well you know which one is going by the wayside.  (There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and in a week or 2 I will be back to the sane person I usually am HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

I’m not sorry about that really bad joke I just made.

I’m not sorry I went to London last week and got no work done.  How many times in life am I going to be able to say I saw David Tennant performing Shakespeare?

I’m not sorry I just spent 15 minutes writing this up.  Sometimes I need to get away from bullying, cyber bullying, and bullycide.  How I don’t spend the entire time writing sobbing my eyes out is a miracle.

What are you not sorry for?



    • 18/07/2011 / 18:02

      Thank you so much! I am sorry it took me until now to write back, but I’ve been dissertation swamped. I am going to checkout your blog ASAP and thank you for commenting!

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