I have a secret

Not only do I have a fabulous change to share very soon, but I also have a secret.   I really want to tell, but I’m afraid it may be too good to be true, so I am going to hang on to it just a little bit more.

I met with my advisor today.  He is pleased with my dissertation so far.   *phew*   I need to add a lot to my intro, and my chapters on policy, and add a total new one (that I will now have to research!) but it’s all good.  He said I do not need 2 weeks to print and bind, so I have the rest of this month to get it done.  *double phew*  He even said to take the weekend off!  HAHAHAHAHA as if!  I did take the rest of today off to do household chores like cleaning, vaccumming, dishes, laundry, etc, and to take a glorious nap.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I was worried about oversleeping the alarm!

As I was cleaning and putting things away I managed to break my dresser.  

Who manages this?


So now I have a pile of clothes on the floor, and no glue or tools to fix it.  *sigh*

I’m going to go read something unrelated to my research and relax.

What do you think my secret is?


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