I have a secret follow-up post

So a few days ago I posted that I had a secret.  I did and I do, and now it is time to share it with all of you.  (oh I rhymed)

It has been no secret that I’ve had this 5 year long headache.  I tweet about, Facebook about it, talk about it.  I’ve seen 5 neurologists.  I’ve had 2 spinal taps, oxygen infusions, steroid infusions, and have taken dozens of different kinds of pills including all sorts of triptans, opiates, anti-depressants, vitamins, and supplements.  I’ve seen an eye specialist for pseudo tumour cerebri, had nerve blocks, massage, and chiropractic treatments.  I’ve been to the ER more times than I can count.  To say the very least it has SUCKED.  I mean who sees 5 neurologists?  Who sees a neurologist who can’t help you and starts googling neuro’s to help you, in FRONT of you?  It’s happened to me.  I’ve been told to eat less, exercise more, meditate, do yoga, drink less caffeine, drink more caffeine, drink water.  (all of the good things I was ALREADY doing.)  I wanted to tell them to go do yoga when they are at a pain scale level 9/10 and you want to puke from the pain.  Most of the time I still made it to work as a teacher.  Some days were better than others.  Some days I’d never turn the lights on, and plead and beg for quiet.

But, other than yesterday, I had gone an entire week and a half without a headache.  *knock on wood* We may have found a medicine that helps.  Maybe that combined with less gluten is the answer.  Maybe it is a fluke, maybe not.  All I can say it has made reading and typing for  my dissertation FAR easier.  I know it hasn’t been my perfect diet and water intake and exercise.  I haven’t been doing any of those.  I’ve been living and breathing my dissertation, and well hopefully we will have enough money to pay rent and utilities for August, and maybe have enough left to eat something.  Right now I foresee a lot of rice, toast, and beans in our future.  Hopefully none of that will cause a headache.  Because I am just getting used to what life is really like without a pounding in my head.  At least it isn’t the sound of drums, ’cause that would suck.  🙂


  1. helygen
    10/07/2011 / 20:21

    As someone who suffers from migraines that are triggered either by stress or by certain foods (mostly dairy), I sympathise. Food intolerance can be very difficult to identify, especially if it’s a tiny ingredient in something that you might not at first suspect, but it’s worth looking into that and trying to get yourself tested. I hope your headache-free days continue 🙂

    • 10/07/2011 / 22:45

      When I was diagnosed with food allergies in 2004 they came up with a list of what I was allergic to. When I started having the headaches I was put on an elimination diet to see if I had food triggers. I tried the less gluten to see if that was possibly causing inflamation (per reading some blogs). I haven’t been 100% faithful with it, with us having some financial issues at the moment. I am enjoying the gluten free bread b/c I can eat it. Unless I buy from a local bakery, I was unable to buy bread in a store until I found the gluten free bread as it contains no soy (which seems to be in all the other breads here).

  2. jessiclese
    10/07/2011 / 20:40

    Ahhhh, how exciting! Good luck, this must be such a relief; I can’t even begin to imagine <3

    • 10/07/2011 / 22:45

      Of course I have another one now, but it was nice while it lasted LOL!

  3. 11/07/2011 / 03:29

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!! That is an AWESOME secret!!!! Sometimes food IS the key to it all

    • 11/07/2011 / 13:01

      The thing is I only managed to be fully gluten free for one day. It is expensive to buy the gluten free products and since money is so tight and since I am never home (at the library, where I can’t actually cook a meal LOL) I have been bad at it. Once I am done writing and have more money to devote to it, we will see what happens. But I really think it’s the new medication. For once. Granted they have been back for the past 3 days so…. 🙁

      • 11/07/2011 / 16:31

        Ive heard great things about non gluten diets and yah I think thats why I cant lose weight while Im off of work cos I cant afford healthy food. Just buying cheap foods. Once I get my job I can focus on it again. Im thinking of trying to do glutenfree foods to see if it helps me too. sending you PVs!!

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