Welcome to Neophytegirl!!!

Hello!  It’s me, Cindy.  I am sure you figured that out already, especially if you clicked the link.  🙂  As my friend Donna was impatient to hear about my news and secrets, I’ve decided to go live here earlier than I anticipated.  My blogroll links aren’t up yet, and the email still isn’t working for the domain, but close enough.  I hope to have those things remedied in the next few days.


When I posted the other day about changes and my old domain, and since I have been thinking about blogging more frequently (once my dissertation is completed) I thought why not.  Why not go back to my original virtual home.


So….. look for posts on my BIGish secret, what neophytegirl is all about, and general dissertation stress and insanity (well just over the  next few weeks).


Thanks for reading and following me on my journey, wherever that may be.

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