Fitblog chat from 7/12

Since the fitblog chats happen at 2am my time, it makes it hard to participate, especially right now when I am usually asleep, dreaming of a finished dissertation.  But I enjoy answering the questions and try to remember to do them


Q1) Who are We? Share some demographic details about yourself – man/woman, married/single, kids/no kids, etc. How do you feel you “fit” in and where do you stand out?
I’m an almost 36 year old single woman from Boston currently living in Glasgow, Scotland. I am in the final phases of finishing my second Masters degree. I have no idea what I am doing next; I haven’t heard if I have gotten into the PhD program yet (it’s been 2 months now grrrrr), so my future is very much up in the air, and it is causing me GREAT anxiety.
I don’t really fit in anywhere right now.  I’m not really a healthy living blogger, b/c my lifestyle is anything but healthy.  I have literally no money, so I am pretty much eating whatever is left in the pantry/freezer and have a crazy schedule while I try to finish my dissertation.  I haven’t worked out in ages.  I had to freeze my gym membership, and since I have no energy to do anything, working out has been a low priority- even though intellectually I want it to be- I just do not know how to restart.  (just walking to the uni library is exhausting- but that could be the heavy bag and flip flops)  I’m scared to live my life this way b/c I know what it is doing to my body, but I lack the energy and motivation to change b/c I am stuck in a rut.
Q2) Money, Money, Money. Do you make any through blogging? Would you like to make more? If you could, would you blog and do social media full time?
I dn’t make any, and  never have through any of my blogging sites.  I don’t think that would be for me.  It is too unstructured.  I need structure.  I need the get up in the am and go to work and go to the gym and come home kind of routine.  Being in grad school has made me realize this!  I am not someone who is good at time management when there is plenty of leeway and nothing to hold me accountable.  Getting up when I want (noon) and lazing around have not been good for me.
Q3) Tech Talk. What is your blogging setup? Mac or PC…self-hosted or free hosting. Fancy camera or point and shoot?
I have a mini-netbook I had to replace when I was robbed.  I used to have a nice Dell, but that was a while ago.  If I get into the PhD program I am getting a better computer to do my Ph.D dissertation on- this won’t be able to cut it and run the stats program on it!
I recently went from blogger to my own domain.  I realized if I wanted to get serious about blogging again, I felt I needed my own domain and space.
I don’t have a camera.  It was recently broken, and  can’t afford to replace it.  I have the camera on my iPhone, but I don’t really do a lot of day to day pictures.  They would be of me sitting in the library, writing right now!
Q4) Getting Social. How many hours do you spend on social networks in a given day? Do you use it for work? To promote your blog?
I always have Facebook and Twitter open, so as many hours as I am awake?!  LOL!  Since I don’t have a job, nope. I do promote my blog via Facebook/Twitter but haven’t been successful, for a variety of reasons, one of which I am trying to change (the negativity) but it is hard to change a lifetime of negative thoughts overnight.

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