This weekend . . . .

This weekend I . . . .

-just about finished my dissertation.  All it needs is a read over and to tidy up the conclusion and then send it on to my supervisor for a final proof.

-really missed my mum

-read novels

-cleaned my flat

-laid out in the sun


-booked a mani/pedi for tomorrow with a Groupony thing I’ve had forever

-watched some tv

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  1. Nic
    10/08/2011 / 09:23

    Congratulations. 🙂 I remember that rush of post-dissertation freedom. For me, it was like banging the door shut behind a pack of tedious visitors when you’d been hinting for them to leave for hours. When I sent it away for dissertation binding, I banned myself from looking at it because I knew I’d want to change things.

    I look on it with fondness now but at the time, I was sick and tired of the subject.

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