Happy surgiversary!

(note, I really fucking hate this keyboard.  I just lost the entire post, b/c some how it erased. )


A year ago today I had a breast reduction.  In terms of pain, it was not that bad, considering the headaches I have suffered.  So if you are thinking about it, go for it.  I was back to work the same week, actually.  (Well I had to, or I would have not had any income, but that is beside the case here.)

They look fine, even though they have dropped and fluffed,  and the scars are not very visible.  Being pale has its benefits.  🙂  I do however wish I could get the dog ears taken care of (on the sides at the site of the side lipo- it needs to be “tucked”.  It’s a quick procedure under local anesthetic.  If I was home I could, for free, but here in the UK I doubt it.  So I need to find a money tree either way.

What I am dissapointed in, is me.  The fact I did this so I could work out easier and lose weight.  And what did I do?  Not work out and gain a ton of weight on top.  So. Not good for me.  I just hope any damage done can be reversed, and I can maybe lose weight.  Believe me I have tried, and it has not been working well for me.  I really have to wonder if doing Optifast all those years ago did something to me, b/c since then- my body hasn’t been the same.

So to sum up, surgery good, what I did to myself after, not so good.

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