A little bit of both

I haven’t been posting b/c I really haven’t had anything to say.  I know no one wants to read about how I have negative  money in my bank account (yes, literally), or that I am facing another potential health issue.  People want fun, positive posts, I know that, but right now other than handing in my dissertation, it’s been pretty quiet on the happy front.


The good:

1.  This was handed in, thanks to my friend Tom.



2. I had a lovely time meeting fellow DT fan Wendy in Edinburgh this week.  It was an impromptu trip that caused a little stress but all in all it was a good time- especially since I couldn’t help contribute in any way financially, which bummed me out, but again it was nice to meet a fellow DT fan from the states!


The bad:

1. Money- so yeah I really have no money, and won’t until Monday when I get  my emergency crisis hardship check.  Like I’ve said before, clearly it is such a hardship that I had to wait more than 2 weeks for it.  I didn’t need to eat or anything.

2. Eating- It’s been crap b/c my diet has been 97.6% carb based in the form of pasta or bread (we found  bread mix kit thing in the pantry).  It’s frustrating and temporary, yet so unhealthy.

3. Pain.  I thought I had just bruised my tailbone in spinning class.  And then it donned on me that I haven’t been spinning in 2 months.  A little google and web md and I’ve come up with a diagnosis of sciatica.  It hurts to sit (tailbone, bottom area), it hurts to walk- pain radiating down my legs into my knees, and my feet.  It hurts to walk to the store or around the flat even.  Yesterday walking back from Uni, I nearly cried from the pain.  So I need to get a dr. appt hopefully for Monday once they release the appts at 5:30.


The future:

1. I need to figure out how to accept my offer to the PhD program, make sure I get my funding ASAP.

2. I need to write up CV’s for myself and Steph (I volunteered to do this while she finishes her dissertation)

3. I need to look for jobs and volunteer opportunities for myself for extra money so this situation doesn’t happen again.

4. Getting a 90 minute massage from a groupon I bought ages ago.


So there you have it, a little bit o’ good, and the rest.  Have a great weekend!

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