The post where I continue to freak out

I know these posts are all similar and whatnot, but it is what my life is right now and I wish I had  more fun and exciting things to report.

Nothing is going my way these days.  We got an email from our landlord and she seems to think we are staying here until the 11th (???) and wants rent until then.  I’m leaving the 29th and while it is great for Steph to have a place to stay until the 11th, we don’t have the money.  I haven’t even figured out the utility closing yet.  Never mind other things.

I’m trying to sell everything I own that isn’t a necessity that I know I could get some money for (there isn’t time to sell my clothes on ebay and I really just don’t want to deal with that right now- not that I’d get much).

I need to leave here with as much money I can so that when I get home I can get around.  I am going to need to go into the city to deal with finding out if I’m eligible for any kind of benefits/housing and that costs money.  Hence my dilemna, and at the same time wanting to make sure Steph doesn’t get screwed.

I’m having nightmares about all of it and wake up in the middle of the night wanting to be sick. I also have to go in for a medical test tomorrow and while I don’t expect there to be any issues,  with the way my luck has been…….

I really wanted to spend my last 2 weeks here doing fun things and relaxing.  Not so much.  I’m going to go home so wound up like a top and so stressed, which is not going to be conducive to living back at home.

Now I just need to hope I win the lottery.  Or get offered an amazing job.

Thank you again to everyone who has offered support in all different ways.  I couldn’t get through this nightmare without you.

Oh and if any of you have a laptop/netbook with a UK keyboard do you know why half my keystrokes open up new windows or make me lose half my work?

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