Last weekend

This is the last time I will be posting from Glasgow. 🙁 I was finally able to sell my netbook (NOT at a profit- I wish I hadn’t purchased it now) so I will be going home with a tiny bit of money. I need to find a job and fast. I’m stressed and my head and back are aching something fierce and I just do not want to go.

I’ve had to get rid of more than half of my wardrobe and I still can’t fit all of my stuff in my suitcase (and I can’t afford to pay for extra weight or another suitcase). I am going to have to have stuff stored here and have it sent on later when I have money. Hopefully I won’t need sweaters too soon in MA. The stress is making me slowly insane and I am having trouble coping.

I really hope that I can find a job and a place to live ASAP. There are so many things I have to do when I get back and I feel very overwhelmed already.

I am really hoping that the posts from the US are much happier, and that I can find a good and supportive blogging community once I am back in the Boston area.

I’m going to miss you Glasgow and the UK as a whole. 🙁

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