Back “home,” August recap, September goals

This is sort of a catch-all post.

I’m back “home.” The thing is I’m not. This house is not my home. It is where I grew up, but it is no longer my home. I left that several thousand miles ago. Glasgow was my home, and I had hoped eventually to make my permanent home there or in London. I miss it. I miss Steph. I miss Plushie Ten. I miss it all. But I screwed up. And when I screw up, I do it big time. It isn’t something I feel comfortable sharing right now, but believe me it’s a big clusterfuck. And it is all my fault.

August goals were to walk 3 miles a day. Didn’t happen. My back/legs/feet [possible sciatica] caused this and not to mention the stress of having to come back to the US. Once I get insurance, hopefully I can have it checked out. So right now I am walking as much as I can, stretching, and trying not to stress.

September goals are to not murder my family and not lose my sanity. Pretty much, yeah. Oh and find a job, but that is unfortunately out of my hands, unless schools want me to come in and dazzle them with my lessons and knowledge of bullying issues.

I’m also really behind in reading blogs and commenting, and I duly apologize. Hopefully I will be able to get back on that ASAP.

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