Time stands still

It occurred to me this morning I have not been out of the house in a week. I haven’t even gone outside, or gone for a walk, or done anything but sit and read and look for jobs and mope. Mainly, because there is nowhere to go. While I could go for a walk, I haven’t been motivated or had any energy to . And if I wanted to go somewhere, well there isn’t many places to go in walking distance.

When I was a teen, my BFF and I could walk to go get a sandwich and a movie or browse in some small random stores. They are all gone now. Even the second hand book shop/coffee shop. There’s a CVS but I have no money to buy anything so…..the economic downturn at its finest here.

I did plan to go to for a walk yesterday but then I was reading and I didn’t want to stop b/c there was supposed to be a cliffhanger, and I HAD TO KNOW! However, I did dress to go for a walk- so I will go later once the schools are out and I can go walk the track at the middle school without feeling awkward.

I’m not even quite sure why I’m posting this, other than for the sake of writing for myself.


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