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Yesterday I left the house 4 times. Amazing, innit? We took the kids to daycare, went to the post office, I went on a walk, and then a quick trip to Target with my sister later in the day. Wow, I know.

The walk/run C25K was fine.

It was hot. Well compared to Glasgow, 70 F is hot, so…… I hit the track at my local middle school for about an hour. Other than a leg cramp it was ok. My back seems to be feeling better, considering I’ve done nothing for the past 2 weeks. It feels more like it does when I need an adjustment and I am hoping that is all that it is. Once I get health insurance [or a job] I can pursue that line of inquiry.

Eating has been fine calorie wise [as I’ve lost 10 pounds since being home], but quality not so much. There is a huge lack in fresh fruits and veggies but what can you do with no money? I just have to make sure not to eat large quantities of cereal! Not much I can do about that; I just have to make smart choices in what’s around the house. Breakfast has been cereal and coffee, lunch, either 2 eggs or pasta, and dinner a mix of what’s been made or what I make myself. Last night I was hungry, but not in the mood for chicken so I had a Shakeology shake and cereal. Luckily my sister happened to have an unopened Shakeology package that I can use.

So far nothing on the job front. I’ve been applying for any job I remotely have qualifications for- education, teacher aide, sub, barista, customer service. I haven’t heard anything yet, except the rejection emails from positions already filled. It sucks and it is depressing. I know I am not the only one out there looking but it sucks all the same.

What is even more frustrating is not having a phone. My BFF told me about Safelink, and I just checked my application, and I have been approved and should be receiving a phone soon. This will have to do until I have a job. Horray for one thing going right!

I’m also going to see the Red Sox on Saturday courtesy of a lovely friend. I can’t wait. Fenway Park I missed you so!

Now all I need is a job and things will be smashingly brill!


  1. 13/09/2011 / 22:40

    I am crossing my fingers for your job search…and the Red Sox!

  2. Stephanie
    13/09/2011 / 23:46

    I’m glad things are looking up. I know it’s hard, but it’ll get better!

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