A productive day

Today was fairly productive, despite the fact I slept awful, and woke up with a ridiculous back ache.

I applied for a few jobs and was contacted by a principal at a local school in regards to an aide position that may be opening up. It’s only 12 hours a week, but it is something and I will be contacted once interviews start.

I had a good phone call w/ my BFF and hope to see her Saturday, as we will both be at Fenway Park.

I discovered my Kindle was broken today and contacted Amazon to get a replacement. I also contacted the money management company I was referred to, and found out that obviously with no money, I couldn’t do much about the bills, and that they didn’t seem to have all the bills that I was aware of. That makes me a little nervous and concerned so now I need to figure out what the deal is with that.

There is a job fair at Boston Public Library in a week and I will be attending. I need to get copies of my resume, and find appropriate attire. I have no idea if my suit and good shoes are in storage, along with my portfolio, and resume paper. I need to find out if getting over to it is a possibility this weekend. Otherwise I am going to have to raid my sister’s clothing to find an appropriate shirt to go with a pencil skirt I have. I unfortunately didn’t return with all my clothing; in fact I think I left over 80% of it in the UK. I didn’t bring one long sleeved top with me. Clearly I wasn’t thinking while I was packing. Too bad clothes aren’t free.

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive.


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