You can’t get there from here



So I had an interview today for a 15 hour per week job at an elementary school in a Boston suburb.  They liked me.  I liked them.  I do not know what the schedule or pay would be at the moment.




I can’t get there [easily] from here.  Today I had a ride to the commuter rail.  I got the 7 am train.  I then walked to the bus stop and waited 20 minutes for a bus.  I then supposedly was supposed to walk 7 minutes to the school.  25 minutes later I was there after walking a dangerous stretch of road, under the route nine overpass and where traffic merges on to route nine- in both ways. [and I did this on 4 hours of sleep and with no coffee, pretty impressive.]


Now if I were to be offered this job, I won’t be able to get to the commuter rail every day.  It isn’t possible for me to get a ride there every day.  I can’t walk there [it’s way too far and in not the best part of Framingham] and there is no public transport to there.  However, I could walk down to near the McCauliffe Library for 6:30 am, take the bus to the park and ride, wait 45 minutes for a bus to get to Newton Highlands, and then walk 2 miles to the school. [walking 2 miles is fine on a nice day like today, but in the middle of winter with ice and snow, on the underpass of route nine, I don’t think so.] This costs $12 one way.  I don’t know if I can reverse it or not at the end of a school day, if my day were to end at the end of a school day.  [They aren’t sure of the hours, if it would be three hours a day, or 3 days a week 5 hours a day]. I also do not know what time I would be expected to arrive.  If I needed to be there for 8 it wouldn’t be possible taking the long route- it’s about a 3 hour journey with all the waiting for buses, etc.


While I know it is a job, and I need one [as I just found out I don’t qualify for unemployment] it may end up costing more than I would make to get to the school.   IF I had a car, it would be easy peasy, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon if not ever again…..IF I lived in Boston, it would be not as easy, but doable.


If it was a full time job, then I would take it, obviously.  It is an aide position, no benefits, and I am unsure of the hourly rate.  I know it would probably be about $40/day at 3 hours per, and it’s already cost me $24 to get there round trip.


So knowing what you have read here, what would you do?  I’ve already been told pretty much that taking it would be stupid and not cost efficient.


Oh BTW, the other job I was to have an interview for fell through.  At least I could have walked to that one.




  1. hayes
    21/09/2011 / 17:01


    • 21/09/2011 / 17:27

      Yeah I don’t think I could bike that whole way. Framingham to Newton is a long way on a bike, and I don’t think I am in physical condition to do it. I also don’t think you can bike along route nine- also when it gets shitty here, not a good factor.

      I’m not trying to make excuses but it may not be feasible for just 15 hours of work. If it were full time I think we could make it work until I found a place to live closer, but right now it isn’t possible for me to get to the commuter rail independently.

      Of course I haven’t even been offered the job yet LOL

  2. Stacy
    21/09/2011 / 17:23

    Find out if there is anyone you could carpool with? Bike works for good weather, but along Rt 9 in the winter? I wouldn’t want to do it.

    • 21/09/2011 / 17:28

      That is the next thing I would find out, but would depend on the schedule and if I get hired.

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