Good news

For once I have some good news to share.  I got an email today regarding my Masters dissertation and I passed!  I did WAY better than I expected, considering at the end I was plagued by illness, headaches, and little money.  I am very relieved.  Now all I have to do is graduate {which I most likely won’t be able to attend}.


Now all I need is to win the lottery/find a ton of scholarships/find a money tree so I can get my PhD, or find a job so I can eventually get said PhD.


The education job market here is pretty much nil, unless I wake up to find a car outside for me, or a place to live in the city.  I’ve expanded my job search to anything I have qualifications for, and pretty much anywhere in the US.  So far I’ve come up with a few jobs, but nothing that looks very promising.  It’s very frustrating to have almost 2 Masters degrees and to be unemployed.  Not that I am the only one who is unemployed but sometimes it isn’t easy to explain to people my situation and whatnot.


I’ve even attempted to tutor, but without references it makes it a bit hard, as I have never tutored before, and my current references are slightly out of date from being out of the country for a year.   It also seems that most of the jobs are for toddler aged kids and I am not certified for that age group, putting me out of the market for a chunk of jobs.  The same goes with nannying; I don’t have transportation, so it makes that out of bounds for me as well….. I just hope it gets better so I can stop thinking and carrying on about it.

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