Trying to sort out my life

I’m so frustrated in regards to finding a job.  It just isn’t easy, and there certainly aren’t many opportunities out there.  I’ve searched every anti-bullying company looking for positions {there don’t seem to be any}.  I’m hoping to attend a job fair on Friday {if I can get the money to get into the city} and hopefully find something {of course dependent on transportation/money/etc}.


I would really, really like to be able to go back to Scotland and complete my PhD.  I need to come up with the additional funds to do so, in the neighborhood of 15,000 GBP.  I am sure I could work part time and make up some of that, but in order to get started I would need to have some in savings not to mention having to renew my student visa.  I could also look into scholarships and grants as well.  I also plan on looking for programs in the US, but my ultimate dream would be to go back to Scotland and finish what I started.


I just feel like I am hitting roadblocks at every corner.  I knew it was going to be difficult and frustrating, I just didn’t realize how frustrating.  I can’t even get hired at Starbucks for heaven’s sake!


I really need a break- it’s almost my birthday.  It’s the one wish I have.



  1. hayes
    05/10/2011 / 20:34

    Please come visit for a few days – I’d love to have you and there’s a project I’d really like your input in.

    • 06/10/2011 / 03:00

      After this weekend would be best. I have some family/friend things going on this weekend if that works for you.

      • hayes
        07/10/2011 / 23:28

        Yes, you still have my number, right? It’s on the book face – or email is best way to reach me! Perfect!

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