Job fair {non} extravaganza

I, like a lot of people in the state of Massachusetts received an email to attend Congressman Scott Brown’s job fair at Roxbury Community College today.  I debated on going {cost, transportation, having copies of resumes, and appropriate attire} and ultimately decided to go in hopes of finding a the perfect job.


Getting into the city was no problem, nor was getting to the college.  When I worked in Chinatown, I used to come up with wacky the fastest ways of getting there on a Saturday, and one of the ways was the 66 bus to the Orange to the Red line.  So, I was familiar with Roxbury Crossing station and getting to the college.


I arrived about 15 minutes early, and there was already a long line of people.  We were asked several times to get into a single file line to adhere to fire codes, but no one was listening.  {obviously all that time I spent getting kids into lines was a waste, as adults, the directions can’t be followed anyways.}  A little after ten we were let in to a relatively small room with perspective companies.  From what I was able to gather, several companies couldn’t even state the positions they were hiring for or what they were looking for, but had plenty of Halloween candy or paraphernalia to give away with their corporate logos prominently displayed.  I did talk to one place regarding their open positions and the woman wanted to talk to me individually at a more appropriate time.  I left her my resume and I took her business card.


I then circled the room looking for any company/position that lined up with my qualifications.  For those of you who do not know I am a licensed teacher in MA {Elementary}.  I’ve also worked retail and call center/change control in IT, but that was about 10 years ago, and what I knew then, doesn’t fit the tech world now.  A lot of positions were highly specified and technical in the science field, which clearly does not include myself.  The only other thing of note were the hot Marines.  🙂


I think I was there for a total of seven minutes.


Not that I think that the job fair was a waste of time, but it clearly shows the disparity of the current work force and the jobs that are available.  I have found so many jobs in my job search that are HIGHLY specified, but not many that are “basic,” for lack of a better term.  This is why job searching is SO frustrating.  I’ve applied to many places, banks, Starbucks, the mall.  And I’ve gotten a lot of thanks, but no thanks, or we will call you when we are hiring seasonal workers.   And I think I know why.  They see my resume.  They see the fact I have 2 Masters degrees.  They see I have teaching experience.  And they know the second I get a better offer, I will leave. {sad,but true- why wouldn’t I want to better myself.}  But I have thought of it from their perspective, and why would they take the time to hire and train me, if I only leave after a few weeks or months?  It makes financial sense to hire someone with less education/background, and also probably means they could pay them a little less.  I am not saying it is right, but I am saying I understand.  I would do the same thing.


The same thing comes down to teaching jobs as well.  If I had a budget to manage and teachers to hire I would take someone slightly less experienced or with less education than I, because I, unfortunately cost more on the pay scales.  And that is what is doing me in, which is why I had hoped and wanted to continue on to do my PhD.  Then I could teach/research at the collegiate level or below.  I’d have research under my belt.  I would have that experience.  Right now, I am priced out of a lot of positions, and can’t attain some I could potentially do down the road.


I met a woman while I was waiting for the train back.  She was appalled at the fact I can’t find a job.  She doesn’t understand how someone with my qualifications can’t find work. {She’s a social worker.} I explained the entiretly of my situation and she encouraged me to stay positive and busy.  {If only she really knew me, LOL!; My daily Ashes to Ashes marathons and lounging and whinging not withstanding.}


Now if only I could find a money tree, win the lottery, or find a fabulously high paying job.  And buy a new pair of shoes.  The Primark 3 quid flats just aren’t cutting it anymore.  {A girl’s got to have priorities. 😉  }


Now I just have to hope for a birthday miracle of scholarships, winning lottery tickets, and gift cards to shoe stores.  🙂


A girl can dream, can’t she?


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  1. Autumn
    08/10/2011 / 14:08

    For the simpler jobs- leave a bit off your resume. Sure all that is available on a background search, but if you are applying at Starbucks or some place like Toys R Us, they are not going to spend the money to do an in-depth background check.

    Have two different resumes- the one you are going to submit if you are applying for a teaching position or a position where your degrees are going to be looked favorably upon regardless of what they are in and one that is basically only looking for someone who will be a slave and not use their mind to challenge their supervisor who is lucky if they got their GED.

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