Birthday weekend

This weekend I celebrated my 36th birthday.  I had little desire to be celebratory, so that was ok.  I actually ended up pulling my back/neck out on Saturday, so the most I did was head to Starbucks, courtesy of a gift card I received {thanks Stacy!}


I was going to meet up with Stacy, but then with my neck and having to harass my dad for a ride, I just wasn’t in the mood to move, not to mention I couldn’t turn my neck.  {it’s a little better now, it’s moved higher into my neck from my shoulder, but still hurts like a bitch}


Sunday, I didn’t do much {shit I just remembered I said I’d finish Jen’s laundry!} – I mostly watched my sister do laundry.


Today my best childhood friend came up and we had lunch with her kids {omg they’ve gotten big} and then I came home to find that I had gotten a call re: an interview.  I needed to finish something I got started before I left {an application for another job} and of course b/c I didn’t call the SECOND I walked in the door he got on my case about it.  I did call back, I just wanted to FINISH what I had started.  Grrrrr.


Then, clearly this argument called for a time out so I went and used my gift card to get shoes since I have an interview {not at an ideal place, but a job} tomorrow.  The Primark flats have nothing left to give.

So I have new shoes!   They didn’t have any flats that weren’t under $30 so I went with the wedges and the boots were on sale, so bonus for me.  I have enough clothes since a friend gave me a bunch, so since I love shoes, I am happy.  



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