Revision update

For those of you don’t know, today was the day for my surgical revision. I had a breast reduction in July of last year. This was to address what they call “dog ears;” or little sticky out bits of skin.

The procedure went fine. It was weird to be awake for it. They used this electric knife and it was a very strange sensation to know something was being touched, but not really feeling it. The downside is that I’m in a fair amount of pain right now {and I didn’t get any good drugs}. I actually hurt more tonight than I did when I woke up after surgery proper. If I’m still hurting tomorrow I am calling the on call doctor. I do not want to be this uncomfortable for days on end.

Other than that, life has been the usual. I will try to come up with a more fascinating post, whilst I recover. 🙂

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  1. 29/10/2011 / 20:33

    Hope you’re recovering comfortably!

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