I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a week. Granted I didn’t really have anything to say last week other than that I was resting and healing from the revision.

Monday I went for the post op check, had an annoying stitch pulled and was cleared for “normal” activities. I found this funny, as my before, during, and after revision activities were all the same. Sit on my ass and read and watch tv. Sad but true.

Now that I have been cleared and it’s been so gorgeous out here in the Boston area I did take advantage of it and went for a walk yesterday and today. It’s funny that the leaves still smell the same as they did when I was a kid. On today’s walk it seemed like I had done this walk 100’s of times, yet I was astounded when my Nike+ app told me it was a hair over 2 miles. I always thought it had been SO much longer. Today it felt like forever walking up there, but I remember being nineteen and taking that same path up a hill and through the woods in the dark and in heels . . . .

In other news, I did finally {after 2 months of dealing with the state} get EBT benefits. I hate that I have to go this route, with the stigma attached to receiving food stamp benefits, but with no money at all, and no job, I really need this. It isn’t fair for my family to have to pick up the slack of my picky eating habits, so I am very glad this finally worked out, despite the pain in the ass it was to deal with the state over this.

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