I can’t decide . . .

No, this title has nothing to do with this post. Because I am random, that’s why. Yesterday I went to the mall and handed out a few resumes and cover letters. I seriously need money for basic needs like face wash, not to mention the fact that my hair is 400 different lengths. Or the fact that all of my knickers are too big. So I need to find a job. Not that I haven’t been looking. I just got down after the failed interview at large family clothing store, for which thought I was quite suited for. Not to mention the lack of jobs I can get to easily. So I had one there yesterday, one today as a group interview and hopefully will get a call back for a second interview. At least my nails were shiny.

In the meantime I shall read and ummmmm do things. One of them is bound to be about pumpkin.

Number of miles driven since I last posted: appx 70
Number of books read: almost 3
Number of times contemplated watching LOM: 67
Number of bags of pop chips eaten: 1
Number of diet cokes consumed: 3
Number of times checked reflection before interview: 100
Number of times I liked reflection: 0
Number of alcohol units consumed: 0 {unlike some people I know} 😉
Number of times contemplated buying a pumpkin pie: 578
Number of times contemplated going to Whole Foods to get $6 pumpkin ice cream: 456


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