Just an ordinary Monday

Today was ordinary. Not much happened. I got up and had some toast, and then I walked to CVS to get my prescription. I enjoyed the fresh air. It was crisp, and nice. My hip felt a little better this time.

I came back and showered and ate falafel, then picked up my nieces from daycare. I did laundry. I made a sandwich for dinner. All ordinary.

I wrote a post about depression and anxiety, and got a lot of page hits for it. But no comments on my blog for it. I’m not in it for the comments, but sometimes I feel down when I don’t get any feedback.

*Number of caffeinated beverages consumed: 3
*Number of miles walked: a bit over 3
*Number of times worried about life and things: 45,567
*Number of times I complained that my back hurt: 560
*Number of times I tried to bribe my nieces to rub my back: 5
*Number of times I tried to find my missing glove: 78

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