Just another day

Since I last posted:

Number of trips to the grocery store: 1
Number of caffeinated beverages consumed: too many
Number of hysterical crying breakdowns: 4
Number of comments on my blog: 0
Number of items crossed off on to do list: 3
Number of items left on to do list: 8
Number of said items I actually feel like doing: -654
Number of callbacks from last interview: 0
Number of emails back on super secret thing that only 5 people know about and I am not talking about it: 0

I had a rough day yesterday emotionally. I have no idea why. I just cried and cried for no reason. {no it is not PMT thank you very much.} I also slept a ton. I got up early as I was taking the nieces to daycare, came home had a coffee and toast, and tried to read, and decided to screw that and climbed back into bed. My dad woke me at 11 to tell me he was going out. I barely remember that and woke up at 1.

I went to the grocery store for a few things I had forgotten the last time and also to Target to get Starbucks Keurig cups since my dad had found a coupon for me. I was also able to get gloves for $2 and face wash. My life, you envy it, I know.

I can’t really remember what I did after that except I made a nice sandwich since I was starving. And then I napped- again. Clearly I needed the sleep.

I didn’t do much last night either. I tried to read. I watched some tv. I made a pumpkin smoothie for dinner since food didn’t really appeal to me. {and of course with me eating better and walking/running now -except for today as I only have one pair of trainers and I have no desire to run in the rain, I’ve managed to gain 4 pounds. Why I even bother, idk.} I finally just gave in and went to sleep as my happy pills were making me overly tired.

I had weird dreams all night long, and woke up in a panic at one point. Good times.

Today I have nothing planned. I’m going to watch some tv. I am going to read. I am going to hope something good will happen.

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