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I had a blog post all made up in my head as I was on my walk today. Can I remember any of it now? No, of course I can’t.

I have figured out what is causing my hip/back pain. From Dr. Google I have determined that it is most likely Sacroiliac Joint Pain. I need a foam roller and a massage. Donations care willingly accepted. 😉
For the most part I will just have to keep stretching as much as I can and icing it as well. There isn’t much more I can do. Hopefully I will be able to make it bearable so that I am not being lapped by grannies with walkers on the track.

I know if I hit post, I will remember all the other things I was going to say, but it probably wasn’t very important. So here, have a picture I took on my walk yesterday. It would have looked the same as today, but today was 20 degrees warmer and I didn’t need to wear 3 layers of clothes and gloves. 🙂

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