Mid week catch-up

I’ve been meaning to blog every evening and things keep happening where I just don’t get the chance.

I am pretty sure I went for a run. What else I did, I couldn’t tell you.

I worked for the first time. I worked in men’s furnishings{not the department I was hired to work in LOL} and amused myself for part of the day by picking out tie and shirt combos for David Tennant. I was told it was supposed to be a slow day. Yeah. Not so much. It was busy. So busy I made my selling goal before lunch. By the end of the day I wanted to cry b/c my feet were killing.

I am pretty sure Tuesday was the laundromat debacle. The entire thing was a huge fuckup, and let’s just leave it at that. I know I ran today. It was mild. It was humid. It was a good run.

Wednesday: I went into Boston to do the bio metrics for my student visa. It was raining. Ick.

Today: I took my sister to her LASIK surgery. I had a gingerbread latte. It was nice.

Not a very exciting week, I know. Tomorrow I have a run planned. I also want to pick up my check and go to the grocery store and get groceries, as well as lunch for my Saturday work shift.

*Note I realize now that it is Thursday not Wednesday, which would be mid week.*


  1. your sister
    09/12/2011 / 02:30

    You duplicated Saturday and Monday LMAO

    • 09/12/2011 / 02:34

      you aren’t supposed to be reading.

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