TGIF! Not that it really has any relevance to me, as I have to work tomorrow. But I know it does matter and is relevant to most other people I know.

Today was a good day. I managed a great run with a new 3 mile PR of 45:45!

Full workout time:

I was really surprised I did it, as my foot has been hurting. I was glad to get outside even though it was cold, and to wear my new running tights! They were so comfy and amazing. I may have to get another pair!

Anyways, my foot. It’s hurting on the top across right where my toes meet my foot. I have no idea what this is, and I am sure I should see a doctor, but I am giving it another day or so as I will have to go to the ER as there is no way I am spending $25 to go into the city to see my primary only to have her send me off for an xray when I can just do that at the ER. If there was a walk in care clinic around, I would go to that, but unfortunately no.

I also am still not seeing any results on the scale. I am running longer and faster, which is great, but for all this calorie burning I would like to see something change! I know it is a number on the scale and it shouldn’t define me, but it’s really hard not to. I suppose I should do measurements again; I have to find a measuring tape.

I have to work tomorrow, as I said. It is going to be another long day, but then I am off until Wednesday unless they ask me to come in on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lydia
    09/12/2011 / 22:57

    Yes you should go by measurements! You will start gaining muscle and so the scale may just deter you from continuing your running. Keep it up!

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